House System

Our house system runs throughout the school and is organised by Mrs Harley.
When new pupils are enrolled, they are assigned to one of four houses in the school.
The four houses are:    DalgrainInchyraRannoch and Zetland
Pupils strive to gain points for their house each week in class and as they line up to come in. These points are collated and displayed on the House board.
House Captains from Primary 7 are elected every year by Primary 4 - 7 pupils and their role is to lead their house and set a good example.
House meetings take place regularly and each House has tasks to complete in relation to our current Eco-Schools challenges. 
Representatives from each House then share what they have been working on with the rest of the school at House Assemblies
Once a term there is an afternoon of fun activities for pupils in the winning house.
All pupils compete in events on sports day to win points for their house and a cup is awarded to the house with most points.
At the end of each session, all the house points for the year are counted up and the winning house for the year is presented with the house shield.
To the winners of the design an emblem competition