About Our School

Bowhouse Primary School is a non-denominational primary school situated in the town of Grangemouth, approximately 4 miles from Falkirk. Bowhouse Primary is part of the Grangemouth Integrated Learning Community and as such works in partnership with other local services (e.g. Health, Social Work, Community Development).
The school opened in 1969 and a nursery class was added in August 2001. Accommodation includes 14 classrooms, school library and a networked computer suite, meeting room, a large hall/gymnasium with stage and a general purpose room. The school has a large tarmac playground and grass playing field.

At Bowhouse Primary all staff seek to work in partnership with parents/carers to ensure the best possible education for each child in our care, challenging and supporting them to achieve their potential. This is summed up in our school motto "At Bowhouse we build up!". If you would like information about any aspect of our school, please contact us and we will be delighted to help you.